Perimenopause and Hot Flashes

With locations in East Brunswick and Hillsborough, New Jersey, Brunswick Hills OBGYN treats women in all phases of their reproductive lives. The physicians and advance practice nurses at Brunswick Hills OBGYN frequently see patients who are in perimenopause, helping them manage symptoms such as hot flashes.

Perimenopause is the time leading up to menopause, which is marked by the cessation of menstrual periods. During perimenopause, hormones can shift for months or years as ovarian function declines. The majority of women going through perimenopause will experience hot flashes, although the frequency and intensity can vary from person to person. Also called vasomotor symptoms, hot flashes come on suddenly and usually last a few minutes. The feeling of warmth occurs from the inside out, spreading to the upper body and face. Perspiration, rapid heartbeat, and facial flushing may also occur. As the hot flash subsides, the patient may experience chills as the body’s temperature normalizes.

Although hot flashes likely cannot be avoided entirely during perimenopause, patients can take steps to lessen their severity. Staying cool is paramount, and this can include dressing in layers, using fans, and sipping cold beverages rather than hot ones. Exercising and maintaining a normal weight can also help. Slow, deep breathing exercises have also been shown to offer relief during hot flashes.

Medical treatment may be recommended if hot flashes are frequent and severe enough to interfere with daily life. Hormone replacement therapy can help prevent hot flashes and other bothersome menopausal symptoms, but this type of treatment does carry risks. Patients may also find relief with antidepressants or other prescription medications.

The medical staff of Brunswick Hills OBGYN, consisting of doctors and advanced practice nurses, are well versed in treating symptoms of perimenopause and other gynecological problems. To learn more about the practice and services offered, please visit