Genetic Counseling at Brunswick Hills OBGYN

Brunswick Hills OBGYN strives to provide women with the highest quality of care throughout all stages of life, offering both maternity and general-wellness resources. The New Jersey obstetrics and gynecology practice also offers a vast selection of specialty services and patient resources facilitated by its physicians and team of advanced-care nurses. In addition to providing such prenatal support as childbirth classes and sonography, Brunswick Hills OBGYN also offers genetic counseling.

Prenatal genetic counseling allows couples to determine the likelihood of passing a medical condition on to their child. While genetic counseling may offer additional guidance or peace of mind to couples during the family-planning process, it is especially valuable for expectant mothers whose routine prenatal tests have returned abnormal results. Physicians also recommend genetic counseling when a pregnant woman is over 35 years old, as well as when the results of an amniocentesis test indicate a chromosomal defect. Additionally, couples should consider genetic counseling if any of their children or close relatives have an inherited medical condition.

During genetic counseling, medical professionals work closely with couples to form a comprehensive family medical history, identifying instances of both physical and mental genetic disorders. After noting potential risks for such diseases as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, the counselor combines knowledge of each condition with information about each individual’s family medical history. By synthesizing this information, including inheritance patterns and recurrence risks, genetic counselors offer a comprehensive review of genetic risk factors and options to address them.